Marmaris Sailing East

Departure - Check-in Marmaris
Marmaris is one of the largest marinas in Turkey and one of the most important starting points for navigation. Marmaris is built around a natural bay at the foot of steep mountain slopes covered with vegetation. The old town is a maze of narrow streets and alleys with white houses in turkish style. The coast here, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is perfect for sailing, the sea becomes dark blue turquoise approaches the coast and the inland mountains form the backdrop to the charming landscape.
Day 1 - Ekincik (19nm)
Ekincik is a small but very pretty bay lined with pine trees and is a popular stop for sailors. TherE's a great restaurant here with a beautiful view of the bay, and another on the opposite side of the village, much cheaper but equally enjoyable. Ekincik is also the ideal place for those wishing to visit Dalyan and the ruins of Caunos. The Dalyan river is too shallow to go back by sailing boat, but there are a lot of boats with hull shallow river that will take you through the delta to the city or to the ancient ruins of Caryan Caunos, at an economical price.
Day 2 - Kapi Creek (27nm)
Kapi Creek, often referred to as Four Fathom Cove is a small cove just over a kilometer (half a mile) south-west of the channel between the mainland coast and Domuz Adasi. The entrance to the inlet you will not see until practically the last when the restaurant to his cape will be visible. Short walk over the hill takes you to the bay of Ragged, a spectacular bay edged with pine trees on the eastern side of the peninsula.

Day 3 - Fethiye (12nm)
Fethiye, the ancient Telmessos old, nicknamed "Immaculate Virgin of the town of lights", is situated in a beautiful bay surrounded by pine forests. In the northern Gulf, twelve islands close the bay. Beaches and bays successive near Fethiye, easily accessible by boat, including the famous Oludeniz beach and 4 km of pristine beachez in Caliz. The Gulf of Fethiye is a paradise for boaters who found along its rugged coastline and the islands tens of anchors one more fascinating than the others.
Day 4 - Sarsala (12nm)
At about 12 km away from the city center of Dalaman, is a protected bay and quiet. Enchants its visitors with its pure colors turquoise sea and a sandy beach on which there is no building and where pine trees and olive groves down to the sea.
Day 5 - Asi Koyu
Asi Bay beach is located south of Dalyan. The bay has many caverns and caves and an island where there are schools of fish. It is a well-known stop for yachtsmen who sail along the coast. Asi Beach has a restaurant on the beach, where you can order drinks and meals. It is usually a quiet beach and uncrowded, even during the peak of the tourist season.
Day 6 - Check-out Marmaris (24nm)